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Just Whistling Thanks! All these songs were written for the flutes and whistles that I make and sell online. My store is online here and the album download is here.

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My new full-length album 'Takahe Toccata' is being released as singles, one track at a time.

There are now all fifteen tracks available for streaming and download worldwide on all major platforms.

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My Latest EP, get it now!

I'd love for you to pay for this album, but you can download it for free if you just click here.

Last Song of the Dove

John Laurence

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An album of instrumental world music, featuring my talents with various flutes and whistles, stringed things and bass guitar.

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My Latest CD Single, Stream, Download or CD

This Ol' Heart

John Laurence

A three-track CD single, featuring two versions of the title track and a blues for Native American Flute. The album version of the title track features cornet only, whereas the alternative version is a slightly hotter mix and includes harmonica. The bonus track is a teaser for my forthcoming album dedicated to endangered birds.

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My Latest Classical Release, A Viola Trio

Song For Lucy, a Trio for Viola, Piano & Double Bass

John Laurence

A trio for viola, piano and double bass, the three movements being an Andante Moderato in 4/4 and C (Dorian), an Adagio in 3/4 and C (Phrygian), and an Andante in 4/4 and C major. Using the modes of C major, the first and second trio movements may seem to be in the keys of D minor and E minor, but they are not, since only the 'white keys' are used, there are no sharps or flats anywhere. The trio is available as an MP3 download, via streaming sites and on CD. The release includes a bonus track: an etude for organ, on which the final movement of the trio was based.

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