Already a legend in my mind.

John is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer/songwriter, with a wide range of influences from Heavy Metal to Mahler, Folk to Baroque, with a healthy dose of Blues, Classical and Jazz.  John admires a wide range of artists such as  Amos Lee, Bruce Springsteen, Franz Schubert, Oscar Peterson, Jon Lord, Joni Mitchell and The Beatles. 
In 2011 he was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) which has affected him undetected since childhood. Although he has a PhD and has had two successful careers, he has begun to see life with a whole new perspective. He has always been a musician at heart and is making up for lost time with a new career as a composer and  singer-songwriter. His music is  influenced by jazz, blues, folk, classical and rock. Given his eclectic tastes and creativity, it is no surprise that John's music has evolved in to a fusion of styles in the 'World' genre. A new EP has just been released and a full length CD album is coming soon, to be dedicated to endangered birds and preservation efforts.


A recent song, updated from time to time