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My latest album for you!     
If you like world music by musicians such as Amethystium,  Enigma,
Robert Plant,  Era,  Delerium,  Deep Forest, Enya,  Mike Oldfield, 
Loreena McKennitt or Shadowfax, then you might like my music too!

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Not only that, but you will also get the first seven demo tracks from my forthcoming album that is dedicated to endangered birds. It will be called 'Takahe Toccata' and features a fusion of musical styles from baroque to rock and a range of acoustic instruments, such as alto recorder, low whistle, trumpet, penny whistle, 12-string guitar and fretless bass. 

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What the press are saying:
The crisp playing style of Laurence . . . indicates a maturity to the playing style that will draw listeners to the composition in droves. There is a narrative that is created through the tempered playing style that few performers can muster, while the richness of the production makes it easy for listeners to discern precisely what is being presented here . . . . will resound for weeks, if not months, in the minds and hearts of anyone fortunate enough to happen upon the arrangement.”
James McQuiston, PhD, NeuFutur magazine
What my listeners are saying:
Trio No. 1 in F Major for Piano, Clarinet & Cello
"John you play the piano so wonderfully!! I like the build, uplifting melodies, it is quite stately really....has a very regal     air...Peace:) xo
"Lovely melodic movement John!
Minor Groove for Bass & Piano
"Nice groovy bass and awesome harmony framework! Piano pan sounds good and tasty. Music sounds to me like   soundtrack to some nice indie video game like Dungeon of Dredmor.
"Hey John it is always a delight to come over and hear one of your creations. I never know what you are going to be     playing. Wonderful mood you set here with those runs.
Classiques Pour Le Monde
"There is nothing like the cello for pulling on the ♥strings. Well-composed and rendered, John
"That's a wonderful composition! I had to repost it!
Firebird Boogie
"Wow! That's cooking! Lovely upper register playing John!! Great technique here! 
Man love that piano! Great opening to this!!!!!!!!!!!