Recording Studio and Mixing Engineer.

"I will help you sound the best you can sound.”








I provide the following services from my home studio:

Music recording.
coustic, electric and vocals, and drums. If you don't have access to a drummer I can create a drum track for you, using industry leading drum software that sounds better than many real drum recordings.

Mix and master.
I will take your tracks and mix them to a high standard and can also master them. 

Session work.
If your music needs trumpet, tin whistle, bass guitar or some other instrument, I may be able to help.

Sick of editing recorded tracks for timing, duff notes, pitch correction etc? I will do it for you!

Get in touch: or phone 022-3022-580 for more details.

Here are links to some examples of my work:


Piano, mix and master of Featherbed Blues for Chris O

Violin part, re-mix and master, Molly's Dance for 'Da Blu Room'

Melody, lyrics, vocal, cornet and remix. Blues to the Girls, with 'Guitar Picker'

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