Areta, Suling Style Ring Flute in G (Slendro)
  • Areta, Suling Style Ring Flute in G (Slendro)
  • Areta, Suling Style Ring Flute in G (Slendro)


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The Areta is based on the Indonesian suling instrument as played in gamelan orchestras. The Areta has been designed to approximate the gamelan scales, but to be in tune with equal tempered instruments such as the piano.

The slendro scale has five tones. For the Areta in G, the five notes are G, A, C, D, E. Since the Areta is equal tempered it can be used to play a surprising range of western music. For example note that the slendro scale is a version of the A minor pentatonic scale. Consequently, the Areta can be used to play the blues, with the advantage of having a seventh note available below the tonic. It also has the correct notes for some Celtic music, for example ‘Mull of Kintyre’!

The Areta approximates the suling's bamboo and rattan construction by having a wooden disc fitted at the mouthpiece, with the PVC cut away for the windway. A PVC clip simulates the rattan ring and is held firmly in place with small rubber bands such as loom bands or hair bands. Spare bands are provided with your Areta. The position of the clip can be adjusted slightly to alter the tone of your Areta.

Note: One photo shows both versions of the Areta. This listing is for the Slendro version.

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